eBook Lessons

Adapted Art Projects for Children and Adults with Disabilities

ArtShop eBook  lessons are designed to teach fundamental art skills and use the process of creating art to develop social and emotional life skills.  Lessons are easy to teach and contain step by step instructions and strategies for teaching and adapting each art project for students of all abilities. Use and adjust them as you need them to work for you.  No art experience is required!  Continue to check for more lessons as I am developing and adding them.

Students Learn:

  • Fundamental art skills.
  • How to experiment, test possibilities and find solutions.
  • How to make assessments, solve challenges and develop self directed decision making skills.
  • How to manage internal feelings through unexpected challenges and outcomes.
  • How to show individual uniqueness through success and accomplishments.

Art Lessons can be purchased as individual projects, sections (contain 3 projects), or units (contain 9 projects).  Lessons come in a downloadable PDF format.  Use units or sections as a curriculum in a group or one-to-one setting. Adjust how you need them to work for your environment. Purchase individual lessons as a great way for mixing and matching themes for your artists interests and abilities.  

Lessons can be taught at Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.  Start with Beginner lessons to teach basic skills.  Move onto Intermediate lessons that introduce new concepts that continue to build skills. Go to Advanced lessons for more exploration and ideas that use and build skills from previous lessons.

Click the categories below for themes, descriptions and options that work best for you.

Video lessons are designed for your artist with special needs to watch and follow along as they create their own piece of art.  ArtShop video lessons demonstrate step by step how to create each project.  Lessons also include adaptive steps at the end for your artist to practice and learn skills.  Artists can view lessons numerous times and practice as they go to learn and develop skills as they need to. 

After purchase save confirmation email and recieve a link to the video.  Use the link as many times as the artist would like to view the video lesson.  Artists can view video lesson multiple times to start and stop where they need to.

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