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Superhero/Action Figure Unit


Lessons in this unit introduce basic concepts for creating and drawing superhero/action figures.  These lessons have been popular with the teens and tweens I work with who love comic books and video games.  Beginner level art lessons teach how to draw facial features, emblems, and muscle proportions. Lessons contain predawn templates for beginners to practice and experiment on.  Intermediate lessons teach an artist how to draw an action figure in a standing, running and fighting pose.  Advanced lessons teach an artist how to draw profiles, facial expressions, hands, feet and hair.  Artists can use these concepts as a foundation and translate them into the style they like (Anime, etc....).  Lessons include a worksheet to help artists develop and create an identity for their own characters( This is a great way to increase writing skills).   Artists learn to use their imagination, decison making and problem solving skills to create original characters.    All lessons contain tips sheets, a lesson plan and adaptive strategies for teaching the steps of the project.  Lessons are designed to be easy to teach with no art experience required and could be taught in a group setting or individually.

These lessons are great for:

  • Teen and tweens who love comics and video games.
  • Special needs artists learning basic drawing skills.
  • Kids who have been resistent to creating art in other genres.

These lessons teach:

  • Techniques for using watercolor pencils.
  • How to draw facial features and expressions.
  • How to  draw masks, emblems and outfits.
  • How to draw proportions and different poses.
  • How to use imagination, decision making, and problem solving skills.


Superhero/Action Figure Beginner Lesson 1

Superhero/Action Figure Beginner Lesson 2

Superhero/Action Figure Beginner Lesson 3

Superhero/Action Figure Intermediate Lesson 1

Superhero/Action Figure Intermediate Lesson 2

Superhero/Action Figure Intermediate Lesson 3

Superhero/Action Figure Advanced Lesson 1

Superhero/Action Figure Advanced Lesson 2

Superhero/Action Figure Advanced Lesson 3

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