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Superhero/Action Figure Advanced Lesson 1


This lesson teaches how to draw a scared face and angry face.  It includes tips for creating different emotions using features of the face.  This lesson is great for kids who love to draw anime/ action figure characters but struggle with completing them because they can't draw facial features.  It offers a basic structure kids can expand on and experiment with for themselves. This lesson includes a tips sheet, lesson plan and adaptive approaches for completing each project.  Lessons also include worksheets to help artists create an identity for their own characters.  These lessons could be taught in a group setting or indivdually.

This lesson is great for:

  • Teens or tweens
  • Kids with special needs who are learning basic drawing skills.
  • Kids with special needs who love to draw comic/action figures.
  • Kids who are resistant to other forms of art

These lessons teach:

  • How to draw facial features for a scared face.
  • How to draw facial features for an angry face.
  • Problem solving and decision making skills.

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