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Superhero/Action Figure Intermediate Lesson 3


This lesson teaches how to draw a Superhero/Action figure in a fighting pose.  It teaches how to draw a stick figure frame and how to add muscles to it.  These lessons work well for kids who love video games and comics and want to create their own stories!  It includes a tips sheet, lesson plan and adaptive approaches for completing each step.  It includes  worksheets to help artists create an identity for their own characters.  This lesson works great in a group or individually.  Steps are easy to follow and you do not need to be an artist to teach them!

These lessons are great for:

  • Teens or Tweens.
  • Kids with special needs who like to draw.
  • Kids who have not been interested in other kinds of art.

These lessons teach:

  • Drawing skills.
  • How to draw figure in a fighting pose.
  • How to create a stick figure structure.
  • How to draw proportions and muscles.

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