Adapted Art Projects for Children and Adults with Disabilities

Abstract Faces Complete Unit


This unit contains all 9 Abstract Faces lessons(Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sections). It starts with beginner lessons that teach the steps on how to draw a face and features(eyes, nose, mouth).  It also introduces and teaches the artist about different kinds of lines(wavy, zig zag) and how to experiment with them.  It teaches basic drawing and painting skill with lessons that continue to build on these skills.  These lessons give opportunities to experiment with various art materials, increase imagination and improve critical thinking skills.  Each lesson contains a materials list, tips sheet, lesson plan, and adaptive approaches for breaking down each step of the art projects to completion.  Lessons are designed to make teaching art to children and adults with special needs easy and successful.  No art experience is required!  You can teach art!  This unit could be used for students in a regular classroom and offer an inclusive option for the kids with special needs.  Kids of all abilities can learn these lessons and have fun with them.  This unit is a great option for homechoolers or parents who want to provide art experiences that build skills and self directed creativity with their children.

These lessons are good for:

  • Kids learning about different kinds of lines (curved, zigzag, wavy)
  • Kids who are learning basic drawing skills and learning how to use art materials
  • Kids developing fine motor skills
  • Anyone building skills using scissors and glue

These lessons teach:

  • Basic skills for drawing a face with eyes, nose and a mouth
  • Techniques for using oil pastels and paint
  • How to draw, combine and experiment with different kinds of lines (wavy, curved,  zigzag) to create fun interestiing abstract faces
  • Spatial skills (seeing the picture as a whole)
  • Independent decision making skills.


Abstract Faces Beginner Lesson 1                    

Abstract Faces Beginner Lesson 2

Abstract Faces Beginner Lesson 3

Abstract Faces Intermediate Lesson 1

Abstract Faces Intermediate Lesson 2

Abstract Faces Intermediate Lesson 3

Abstract Faces Advanced Lesson1

Abstract Faces Advanced Lesson 2

Abstract Faces Advanced lesson 3

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