Adapted Art Projects for Children and Adults with Disabilities

Shape Design Complete Unit


This unit contains all 9 Shape Design Lessons (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sections).  Lessons explore new ways to experiment with shapes to  create interesting designs.  Lessons are designed for anyone to teach art and be successful.  No art experience is required.  You can teach art!   Beginner lessons teach basic fundamental art skills.  Fundamental art skills continue to build and expand with each new lesson in the unit to increase independence and self directed creativity.  Lessons include opportunities for drawing, painting and creating collages using shapes.  This unit is a great inclusive curriculum that could be used in a regular classroom, for homeschooling parents or anyone interested in teaching and building fundamental skills for self directed creativity. Use these lessons for a group or on an individual level.  Each lesson contains a materials list, tips sheet, lesson plan, and adaptive approaches for breaking down each step of the art projects to completion. Lessons are easy to teach with no art experience required!

These lessons are good for:

  • Younger kids who are beginning to learn basic skills for working with art materials.
  • Anyone learning about shapes, and how to draw them.
  • Individuals with traumatic brain injuries

These lessons teach:

  • How to draw basic shapes (circles, squares, triangles) using adapted steps and approaches
  • The concept of size (large, medium, and small)
  • Techniques for using oil pastels and paint
  • The concepts of overlapping and layering to create original designs
  • Independent decision making skills through experimenting and creating original shape designs.


Shape Design Beginner Lesson 1

Shape Design Beginner Lesson 2

Shape Design Beginner Lesson 3

Shape Design Intermediate Lesson 1

Shape Design Intermediate Lesson 2

Shape Design Intermediate Lesson 3

Shape Design Advanced Lesson 1

Shape Design Advanced Lesson 2

Shape Design Advanced Lesson 3

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