Adapted Art Projects for Children and Adults with Disabilities

Abstract Faces Advanced Section


This section contains all 3 Advanced Abstract Faces lessons.  These lessons continue to expand fundamental art skills introduced in Beginner and Intermediate lessons.  Advanced lessons expand opportunities to use critical thinking skills and imagination for self directed creativity. These lessons are great for an inclusive project in a classroom setting or homeschool curriculum.  Each lesson contains a materials list, tips sheet, lesson plan, and adaptive approaches for breaking down each step of the art projects to completion. You can teach art even with no art background!

These lessons are good for:

  • Older kids who need creative opportunities to expand their drawing and painting skills
  • Kids who have learned basic drawing and painting skills

These lessons teach:

  • New ways to draw interesting abstract faces.
  • More techniques for drawing with oil pastels.
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Spatial skills(seeing and thinking about the picture as a whole)


Abstract Faces Advanced Lesson 1

Abstract Faces Advanced Lesson 2

Abstract Faces Advanced Lesson 3

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