Adapted Art Projects for Children and Adults with Disabilities

Abstract Faces Beginner Section


This section contains all 3 Abstract Faces Beginner Lessons.  These lessons teach the basic steps for drawing eyes, a nose and mouth for a face.  They offer fun opportunities to explore, learn and experiment with colors and lines.  Each lesson contains a materials list, tips sheet, lesson plan, and adaptive approaches for breaking down each step of the art project to completion.  These lessons could be used in a regular classroom as an inclusive art project.  These  work well for parents, homeschoolers or teachers.  You can teach art!

These lessons are great for:

  • Anyone learning about lines(wavy, zigzag, curved) and how to draw them
  • Kids working on fine motor skills
  • Younger kids who are learning about the features of the face
  • Kids who are learning basic drawing skills and exploring new art materials

These lessons teach:

  • Basic skills for drawing a face with eyes, nose and a mouth
  • Techniques for using oil pastels
  • Steps for drawing eyes, nose and a mouth
  • How to draw different kinds of lines(wavy, zig zag, curved) to create fun interesting abstract faces
  • Spatial skills( seeing the picture as a whole)


Abstract Faces Beginner Lesson 1

Abstract Faces Beginner Lesson 2

Abstract Faces Beginner Lesson 3

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