Adapted Art Projects for Children and Adults with Disabilities

Shape Design Intermediate Section


This section contains all 3 Shape Design Intermediate Lessons.  These lessons offer more adapted art projects to build and expand basic art skills using fun shape designs.  Each lesson contains a materials list, tips sheet, lesson plan, and adaptive approaches for breaking down each step of the art projects to completion.  Lessons have easy to follow steps for anyone to teach art projects.  You can teach these lessons even if you are not an artist!

This section is great for:

  • younger kids with special needs who are learning basic shapes and how to use art materials
  • older kids with special needs who are continuing to develop skills using art materials
  • individuals with traumatic brain injuries
  • anyone who has mastered basic skills using art materials and wants more ideas for creating art and learning new art skills

Lessons in this section teach:

  • new ideas to combine the concept of size(large, medium, small) and shapes  to create fun, original designs
  • new ways of experimenting with the concept of layering and overlapping shapes to make interesting designs
  • more ways to expand and build skills using art materials
  • spatial skills(seeing things as a whole by completing a design)
  • independent decision making skills through eperimenting and creating original shape designs.


Shape Design Intermediate Lesson 1

Shape Design Intermediate Lesson 2

Shape Design Intermediate Lesson 3

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