Online Consultation

Online Consultation

ArtShop offers individualized art consultation to parents through Skype. I am located in St. Paul, MN and offer online consultations as an option for parents throughout the U.S. or other countries who are not located close to me.  Consultations are customized to help you develop a way to incorporate art into your child’s life.  Online Skype sessions work great for parents who are homeschooling their special needs child or want to find adapted art experiences.  

During a consultation we will talk about your child’s specific challenges and interests and how you would like to include art in their life.  I offer tips for adapting art for your child’s specific needs.  This may include help adapting art processes for your child or designing specific art lessons that are broken down step by step that you can teach.  Consultations may be one time or ongoing.  

Example of ongoing Skype consultations:  We have a consult and discuss your childs challenges (short attention span, developing fine motor skills, etc...) , strengths, interests and goals.  I will share ideas and tips. After our consult I will develop some simple adapted lesson plans and ideas for your child and send them to you.  You can try these ideas with your child.  We meet again and discuss what worked and develop new ideas for new lessons you can teach.  I will send you more lessons to try.

  • We can Skype monthly or during whatever time frame works for you. Consults typically last for an hour.  A consult with adapted lessons is $80.
  • A one time consult( without adapted lessons provided to you) is $60.  Let me know what you are looking for and I can quote you a price.
  • Since everyone is unique with specific things that work for them we can come up with something that works for what you are looking for.

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Online Consultation

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