The act of creating art is inherently therapeutic.

ArtShop Therapy LessonsFor people of all ages with cognitive or physical disabilities, the process of creating art can lead to self-empowerment and confidence. To make this experience accessible to someone with limitations is sometimes challenging.

ArtShop offers lessons that use practical approaches to facilitate art exploration, which enables anyone to successfully discover and develop artistic abilities that provide artistic self expression and creative opportunities.

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Who it helps

Therapeutic art helps people with:

  •    Developmental disabilities
  •    Traumatic brain injuries
  •    Autism
  •    Cerebral palsy
  •    Down syndrome
  •    Fetal alcohol syndrome
  •    Limited hand mobility and dexterity

How it helps

It can increase and develop:

  •     Fine motor skills
  •     Spatial skills
  •     Decision-making skills
  •     Attention spans
  •     Imagination
  •     Problem-solving skills